Here are some frequently asked questions about our classes and programs. Contact us directly at (408) 269-2777 if you have a question not listed here, thanks!

When your child feels under the weather, staying home may protect him or her from further infection and prevent spreading an illness. Use these guidelines to help you decide if your child is too sick for class.  Remember, we offer make-up options for missed classes.  See your coach or front desk for more information about make-ups.

CSC – Too Sick for Class (pdf)

To avoid spreading an illness to other students, our staff, though not medical professionals, may ask you to take your child home if symptoms of illness are observed before or during class time.

Fever When your child’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher, keep her at home.  She should maintain a normal temperature (98.6 degrees) for at least 24 hours WITHOUT MEDICATION before returning to class.

Nausea/VomitingIf he has vomited the same day of class, please keep your child at home; do not send him to class. Keep your child home if vomiting recurs or is accompanied by a fever, rash, or weakness.

Diarrhea Any episode of watery diarrhea warrants a sick day.  Keep her home for as long as it takes for the diarrhea to go away.

Flu If your child catches it, keep him home until symptoms (body aches, high fever, chills, congestion, sore throat, and/or vomiting) subside—usually within five to seven days.

Conjunctivitis/Pink EyeYour child should be under a physician’s care.  She can return to class 24 hours after beginning prescribed treatment or when a physician certifies her non-infectious.

Strep Throat/Scarlet Fever/Etc.Your child should not be in class until he’s on physician prescribed antibiotics for at least 24 hours and have been cleared for physical activities.

Some of our programs are ideal for online registration here on our website. These include our camps, water safety classes, and special events such as Parents Night Out. Registration can typically be found on the webpage of the CSC location hosting the camp or event. We also have online registration for our swim lessons and several other aquatics classes, as the lower class ratios and many class offerings works better for searching and finding the right class through our online registration system.

Other class registrations – including for our popular gymnastics classes and dance classes – we have found benefit from a more “personal touch”. So for these classes we do not currently offer online registration, as we believe it’s important to communicate directly with a parent or guardian to determine the best class level, days, and/or times for your child to get started. For these classes, you can call or email us directly at the CSC location you are interested in attending, or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you to determine the best starting point.

CSC instructors and staff work to keep our teaching environments safe, friendly, and respectful. We strive to use positive discipline rather than punishment in all behavioral situations with our students. With situations that seem to be ongoing, our staff may ask a parent for advice and/or assistance to help guide the student(s) towards the expected behaviors.

As the immediate safety of our students and staff is a priority, in cases where safety is compromised we may have students removed from activities, either for a short time period or for the remainder of class. In these cases a staff member will follow up. In extreme cases we may choose to have a student removed from our program, in order to maintain the teaching environments we want for all our students.

CSC is a an official partner of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

For our most of our programs, yes! Most of our gymnastics & dance locations run classes with students attending on an ongoing basis, and you pay for monthly (we call it a ‘term’). These classes run year-round (actually 48 weeks).  If your child starts mid-term, the tuition will be prorated accordingly.  Please see our attendance calendar to see our terms and closures.

The programs we run in conjunction with city programs – the Sunnyvale Swim Complex, Sunnyvale gymnastics, and Santa Clara gymnastics – run on a session basis and require re-registration for each new session.