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Breakdancing Takes the Stage: Breaking Debuts at the Paris Olympics!

The 2024 Paris Olympics are bringing the heat, and not just from the summer sun. This year marks the debut of a dynamic and artistic new sport: breaking, also known as breakdancing, b-boying, or b-girling. Rooted in the Bronx hip hop scene of the 1970s, breaking has evolved from street cyphers into a global phenomenon. […]


The Excitement Builds: Paris 2024 Olympic Countdown!

The City of Lights is about to get even brighter! With less than three weeks to go, the anticipation for the 2024 Paris Olympics is electric. From July 26th to August 11th, the world’s best athletes will converge on the French capital for a showcase of athletic prowess and international unity. Gear Up for Global […]

Why Your Child Should Attend Summer Camp

Making Memories and Growing Strong: Why Your Child Should Experience Summer Camp at CSC Summer stretches out before them, a vast empty canvas. While a break from school sounds wonderful, long stretches of unstructured time can lead to boredom and a summer slide in learning. But there’s a solution that’s both fun and enriching: summer […]

Gold Over America Tour

Don’t miss out! Get special pricing through CSC’s Group ticket offer! https://fevo-enterprise.com/event/Californiasports Contact: Aly Mensinger  AMensinger@SJSharks.com (408) 999-5738  

Make Eating Healthy FUN!

How to Make Eating Healthy Fun for Kids! Eating healthy is important for kids of all ages. It helps them grow and develop properly, and it can help prevent chronic diseases in the future. However, getting kids to eat healthy can be a challenge, especially if they are not interested in trying new foods. Here […]

Let’s “Build” in 2024!

2024 All-Staff Training On Friday, January 5th, CSC hosted our annual All-Staff Meeting at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose. With nearly 150 staff in attendance, we used the day to educate, inspire, and encourage our instructors, coaches, office staff and leaders to meet our mission of Becoming The Best You Can Be. This year, […]

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The Perfect Balance: Gymnastics, Dance, and Ninja Kidz!

Gymnastics, Dance and Ninja Kidz! are all excellent – and extremely complimentary – activities for your child. It’s one of the reasons these three are the heart of our offerings and the focus of our teaching. Here are some reasons to keep your child involved with their favorite CSC program…and to strongly consider doing another […]