The Perfect Balance: Gymnastics, Dance, and Ninja Kidz!

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Gymnastics, Dance and Ninja Kidz! are all excellent – and extremely complimentary – activities for your child. It’s one of the reasons these three are the heart of our offerings and the focus of our teaching. Here are some reasons to keep your child involved with their favorite CSC program…and to strongly consider doing another class type to enhance their learning and enjoyment.

Physical Fitness. Gymnastics, dance, and ninja classes are whole body activities and fantastic forms of exercise. They all help improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility, and from head to toe. But they also build off of each other. Ninja students who also take gymnastics classes will typically become more confident in going upside down, quickly turning, rebounding, and landing. Gymnasts who take ninja classes will more quickly gain strength, hand eye coordination, and aerobic fitness.

● Body Awareness. All three activities help kids develop a better awareness of their bodies, and how they move. This can be helpful in other areas of their lives, such as other sports, academics, and even everyday tasks. Gymnasts will benefit from also dancing, gaining better control of their bodies and move with grace. Dancers who take gymnastics or ninja will enjoy interacting with the various equipment and a wider range of movements.

● Self-Confidence. Learning new skills, progressing, and achieving goals helps kids develop self-confidence. Gymnastics and dance, in particular, can be very challenging at times and as skill levels progress, but they also offer a lot of opportunities for success!

● Creativity. Dance is well know as a very expressive art form, and it can help kids bring out their creativity. Ninja Kidz! can also be extremely creative, as kids learn to come up with new ways to move their bodies in solving the physical challenges they come up against in class. Gymnastics often involves exploring ways to harness body shapes and movements to propel the body while swinging, rolling, bouncing, cartwheeling, and more! If your child is a hip hop or acro dancer, get them into gymnastics, too! They will expand their creative possibilities.

● Social Skills. While not traditional team activities, our classes are indeed social, and encourage kids to work together and interact with others. This can help them to develop their social skills, including teamwork, communication, and cooperation.

● Discipline. Gymnastics and dance require a lot of discipline and hard work. Kids learn to reach goals, master skills, practice consistently, and persevere in the face of challenges.

● Stress Relief. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and both gymnastics and dance giving kids a break from worry and really anything other than the activities they are doing at the moment. And Ninja Kidz! is an awesome activity to let off steam and de-stress.

● Convenience. This one is for parents as much as kids. We’d love to teach your kid(s) in multiple classes, back to back, on the very same days, if we can! Drop them off, and instead of picking them up 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour later, let them get fully engaged in two different activities while they are with us.

Your gymnast, dance, or ninja may very well love this idea. Talk to your instructor or the front desk about options for doing multiple activities right here at CSC.

Of course, the best activities for your child are ones that they enjoy doing the most, and that challenge them in a positive way. Gymnastics, Dance and Ninja Kidz! are each unique developmental activities to dive into, in and of themselves. They also happen to compliment each other perfectly, depending on personality, interests, and goals.