Our upcoming recreational gymnastics Gold Medal Day Graduations are combined at your location for the January/February 2017 session. Make sure you have RSVP’d your coach and/or your site’s front desk for your graduate!

  • CAMBRIANNA- Saturday, February 18 @ 1:30pm
  • MALONE – Friday, February 24 @ 6:45pm
  • MORGAN HILL- Friday, February 24 @ 7:00pm
  • GREAT OAKS – Saturday, February 25 @ 3:30pm
  • RACE ST – Saturday, February 25 @ 4:30pm
  • SANTA CLARA – Friday, March 3 @ 7:30pm
  • SUNNYVALE – At the end of your regular class.

Please arrive no sooner than 20 minute prior to your session. We will let you in once the session beforehand is completed. Cameras welcome, family welcome! NOTE: We cannot allow friends or siblings play on the equipment or other areas of the gym, sorry!