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We hope you love your gymnastics experience with us!

CSC runs one of the largest and best recreational gymnastics programs in California. Our unique curriculum introduces to boys and girls ages 6+ the activity of gymnastics. What makes our program great? Along with gymnastics skills our instructors also teach performance-based routines, the very essence of artistic gymnastics. Consistent participation by students ‘year round will result in improved fitness, coordination, and confidence.

In recreational classes our students focus on developing a wide range of skills step-by-step. Coaches start with fundamentals such as handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, swings, walking on the beam, hanging and supports on bars, vaulting, and learning proper landings. Each of our rec levels utilizes a skill card with required gymnastics elements (skills). Our students must learn these to move up, along with additional skills & terminology to help prepare for the next level.


Our Rec Levels are Rec Fundamentals, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, & Advanced Rec. Instructors teach boys and girls classes separately, using gender specific curriculum. You can see the flowchart that includes all our gymnastics levels from preschool through competitive teams HERE.

Rec Sessions: Students attend ‘year round, cycling through 8 week sessions. Weeks 1-4 focus around skill development, while 5-8 includes learning how to practice and perform routines on all Olympic events.

Our Skill Cards for girls include elements on all Olympic events. These include Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise. Boys learn Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Bar. Coaches also focus on gym safety, trampoline, dance, strength, flexibility, and additional gymnastics terminology.

Performance-based Routines help our students memorize and connect skills together while “showing off”. Routines begin with a salute and end with a “stick” landing. Students practice routines in class in weeks 5-8. Routines are performed by our gymnasts at Gold Medal Day graduation.

Student Updates All students receive a brief written update about progress once per session. Your child’s coach will gladly provide more details about class progress. We encourage parents to get to know our staff and discuss your expectations and your child’s goals.

Students also enjoy a Focus of the Month. This involves in-class activities to enhance a targeted skill/developmental area.

If you are not currently enrolled at CSC, we can help you FIND A CLASS. Fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you!


How does my child move up? Your child’s Rec Skill Card is used to track progress. Once your student has learned all the Required Skills on the card, you will receive an RSVP form for our next Gold Medal Day (GMD) Graduation. These are typically held at the end of each 8 week session (see our calendar for our terms and session). Students who choose not to attend Gold Medal Day miss the performance and gold medal ceremony but still move up at the start of the next session

About Gold Medal Day (GMD): All graduating students are invited to come together at the end of each session. At GMD students perform routines and celebrate with a graduation ceremony. Most GMD’s are hosted at your gym, but we do combine locations twice per year at our Great Oaks facility. Participation for current students is free. Family is welcome to attend, too. Every Gold Medal Dayparticipant gets their name announced and receives a gold medal!

How long will it take my child to move up? Coaches aim for students to graduate and advance at a rate of at least one level per year. However, many factors can affect the pace of learning. These include consistent attendance, fitness level, natural ability, and fully participating in all class activities. The number of class days per week also has a significant impact on the rate of learning. Simply put, students taking two days a week provides twice the amount of learning and practice! We recommend parents enrolling their child in 2 or more classes per week, and staying enrolled ‘year round.

What is the highest level my child can attain? Once students graduate into Advanced Rec, they will begin learning competitive level skills that may allow them to advance further in the sport. Many students choose to stay in Advanced Rec and develop within class. Others will work to be able to join our girls Xcel Team. Others aim even higher and focus on learning skills to allow them to earn a spot on our Junior Olympic competitive boys or girls teams.

About CSC Teams: Our competitive athletes train a minimum of 6 hours per week, year ‘round. Please ask your coach about the obligations and benefits of competitive team participation.

Ultimately, gymnastics is a challenging activity, but rewarding with patience and a degree of commitment to succeed. We want your child find success each and every class, each week, and each session. And provide the opportunity to become the best you can be.

Thank you for being with us!

Christopher Brown – CSC Director