Attending camp at California Sports Center can an amazing experience for kids, and different than taking a regular class with us. Registration is open for special Veterans Day camps, Thanksgiving camps, and December Holiday camps. There is nearly always an opportunity to try out a camp!

We enjoy planning for the types of experiences kids love, whether the main focus is gymnastics, dance, or swimming.

At camp, coaches have extended periods of time we don’t have during class – for introductions, social games, practicing skills, and building strong bonds. Instructors get to spend more in-depth time than in a class, and often  can plan and run special types of activities.

What are camps like? Generally, gymnastics camps are full of skills, some of them basic and important for review and mastery, skills such as cartwheels, handstand, and swings. Others are brand new, variations, or progressions that provide a challenge. Campers get to try drills for flips, do flexibility and conditioning, and enjoy breaks that are social and entertaining. With so many gymnastics events – bars, beam, vault, pommel horse, rings, trampoline, and more – gymnastics camps are quite broad in approach, and broken up by age and level to allow the coaches to provide appropriate coaching.

Dance camps are typically energetic, and of course filled with music. Camp participants will take it to their own level and get to explore other dance forms they may not have tried before, whether free flowing rhythm in hip hop, tapping to steady beats, or learning slower and graceful movements in ballet. At dance camps kids get a taste of it all, while enjoying making new friends.

Our swim camps staff is truly talented. They organize swim camp into multiple groups to run lessons, getting kids comfortable and enjoying the water, participating in social games in and out of the pool, doing creative crafts, and more! It’s really awesome how they interact with the kids, building trust and friendship, which is helpful for our beginning level swimmers as the water can be a bit scary when you’re not used to it. Swim camp also gives the kids new fun stories to be a part of, such jumping or flipping off the diving boards and taking turns with your camp instructors making the biggest splash.

After a day at a California Sports Center camp, we hope you as a parent ask your kid “how was camp today?” and that your child tells you everything they did at camp! If you want to give your children more amazing opportunities to enjoy our activities, then please consider a day camp at California Sports Center!

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