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California Sports Center offers DANCE at the following locations:


A map of the locations offering dance is shown below. Click on the red markers to see our contact info.

Welcome to CSC Dance!

We offer a wide range of classes for students of all ages and hope your child will dance with us for years to come. At CSC we believe ALL kids can learn to dance and should have the opportunity to go as far as they wish.

Our program is focused around building a love of movement and performance through proper development and technique.

  • Our instructors are devoted to building a love of dance and movement! Unlike many dance studios, our class ratios are low, and our lessons are structured but not strict.
  • Our dance curriculum is designed to develop skills and build confidence for performing – on stage and in life.
  • All classes also develop choreographed routines for a December Showcase and an Annual June Recital.
  • We’ll also let you know about additional opportunities to dance throughout the year.
  • Classes run throughout the year for all students. Membership is encouraged, but not required.

Please read the following and help our instructors maintain effective teaching environments for our dancers.

Class Policies

  • Parents please make sure your child is escorted to and from our dance studios by a responsible adult.
  • Parents choosing to stay in the facility must remain outside the studio.
  • We appreciate guests keeping noise to a minimum while waiting in the lobby.
  • For safety and to avoid disruptions to the rest of the class, late students may not be allowed to fully participate in all class activities.
  • All payments are non-refundable, including all recital costs.
  • Make-ups are allowed once per month. We require advanced notice with the front desk. Be aware that make-up classes may focus on dance styles not taught in your regular class.
  • Classes with low enrollment may be closed and students moved to another appropriate class.

Class Etiquette for All Students

  • Keep socializing to a minimum, especially in more advanced classes.
  • Please NO TALKING during warm up.
  • Respect all teachers and fellow students; students may not critique other students or poke fun.
  • It is proper to thank the teacher at the end of each class.
  • No food, drinks, or chewing gum in class!
  • Arrive on time for all classes, prepared and in proper attire.
  • If you arrive late, put on your dance shoes before entering the studio; do not distract others from learning when you enter. Follow instructions.
  • Attendance is very important to ensure that your body and mind retains what is being taught. This is true ESPECIALLY AS WE PREPARE FOR A RECITAL!
General Rules:

  • Students should be dressed in clothes appropriate for the class they are attending. Ask your instructor for guidance.
  • No jeans or jewelry. Hair must be pulled up or out of the face.
  • All students are required to purchase their own dance shoes.


  • Clothes should be form fitting. Preferred preschool attire is dance leotard and tights. Level 1 & up: all students wear pink tights and black leotard.
  • Tutu and skirts are allowed. If wearing a skirt, please have it fall above the knee so instructors can see the dancer’s knees and feet.
  • Ballet shoes are required.
  • Long hair needs to be pulled up and secured so it remains out of the face.


  • Tap shoes are required. Basics and younger: any black tap shoe (we suggest you purchase shoes with a snap or button, or replace the tie.) Tap 1 & up: jazz style tap shoes.
  • Clothes must be easy to move in so it won’t restrict movement. (No jeans.)
  • Suggested clothing: leggings, jazz or yoga pants and leotard. No pants that drag on the floor; instructors prefer to see the ankle.


  • Jazz shoes are required.
  • Same clothing requirements as Tap.

Hip Hop:

  • Clothes should be easy to move in so it won’t restrict movement. No jeans!
  • Shoes should be athletic/tennis shoes with non-marking soles.

Thank You!

CSC Dance is a performance-based program.

We host two performances during the year.
We also participate in numerous community events.

Click the links below for details!


Summer Recital

Our big event is a Summer Recital. This is a formal performance on a large stage with elaborate costumes. Your child is not required to perform in recitals, but be aware that as we approach recital dates a majority of our class time is spent on recital routines.

At The California Theatre in downtown San Jose!

Who: Any students enrolled before the cut-off date, (Feb. 3, 2018) in a Dancing Toddlers, 2-3 years-old class, and above.

2018 recital RSVP (pdf)

Brief Recital Timeline:
February 9th – Costume will be billed to your account. Costumes range from $60-$85. (If on auto-payment, your costume will be paid with tuition on the last business day of the month)
February- Sizing of all students
(Costumes cannot be ordered until payment is received. Payments are non-refundable)
June 1st – Tickets go on sale on-line (No limit) $15-$20 each
June 23rd – Picture Day. Times will be assigned for each class.
June 29th – Dress Rehearsals

All Shows: June 30th times TBA @ California Theatre

  • SHOW  – tba (doors at tba)
  • SHOW  – tba (doors at tba)
  • SHOW  – tba (doors at tba)
  • SHOW  – tba (doors at tba)
Links to online ticket sales will be posted here.

Ticket prices:
$15 EARLY BIRD. $20 on rehearsal day and at the door (if we have tickets left). Everyone needs their own seat except children ages 2 & under sitting on a lap. Any tickets that are not sold will be available for purchase at the California Theatre at dress rehearsal and on the show day. Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose your desired seats at that point.

If you ordered online, you’ll have two options for how you want your ticket delivered. You can have it emailed to you (emailed tickets have to be printed) or you can choose to have TutuTix mail you foil-embossed keepsake tickets for an additional fee – with your dancer’s name printed directly on the ticket! (allow a week to receive these tickets) Please note that tickets cannot be scanned, you must print your ticket, showing your email will not be accepted.

CSC Dance DVD Order Form (pdf) NOTE: NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO WILL BE ALLOWED ON SHOW DAY! Parents are welcome to take photos and video during rehearsal.

OFFICIAL PHOTOS will be taken tba, 2018 @ tba. Times are assigned per class. Please have your order forms completed with payment, ready to turn in.

Photo schedule 2018 Malone (pdf)
Photo schedule 2018 Great Oaks (pdf)
Photo schedule 2018 Race St (pdf)
Photo schedule 2018 Cambrianna (pdf)

    • All performers will take a group photo – individual and buddy pictures are optional.
    • PRE-PAY ONLINE and skip the line on photo day. Of course, if you are not comfortable ordering online our friendly staff will be happy to assist you on picture day. Just don’t forget to bring your smile!
    • *If you are ordering for more than one, just type in the group name when you select each product. To order online, Simply click the link below, and enter code: _____

Once completed, simply send the receipt with your child on picture day. There is no need to fill out an envelope with this method.

Dance Recital Info Letter 2018 (pdf)

Costume Notes:

  • Students are to be dropped off in full costume with hair and makeup done.
  • Preschool dance classes will perform just one of the disciplines they learn in class (tap, ballet, or hip hop).
  • Students with costume changes must have their items labeled, organized, and kept in protective bags. Please make sure that if your child is in more than one routine that they arrive in their first costume with appropriate dance shoes on.
  • Make sure additional costumes are brought backstage with your dancer. A CSC staff member will help your child get ready for their next number.

Drop off Info:

  • Dancers are expected to be dropped off 30 min. prior to the start of the show at the Market Street single door Stage Entrance. Parents are not allowed backstage unless they are a volunteer.
  • After dropping off your performer, you’ll walk around the block and line up to enter at the front of the theater on the First Street (opposite) side of the building.
  • Extra items (i.e. street shoes, jackets, bags, etc.) are not allowed back stage.
  • Before and during the recital, CSC staff members will provide supervision and activities for the dancers backstage to keep them safe and entertained while you enjoy the show.

Pick up Info:

  • To respect all performers & dance families, we are asking that you stay throughout the entire show.
  • The pick-up location is in the lobby near the Market Street entrance.
  • Performers who are in 2-3 year old and 3-4 year old classes will be released to ONE parent in the Market St. lobby after they perform on stage. Once released, performers may sit with their parents to enjoy the rest of the show.
  • Performers who are in 4-5 year old, 5-6 year old, and 6+ classes will be escorted to the balcony after they perform to watch the rest of the show, where they will be supervised by CSC staff members or parent volunteers. Performers will not be released from the balcony until the end of the show.
  • After the show, students will be released by dance and age (youngest to oldest) in the lobby near the Market St. entrance.
  • Please send only ONE parent to the lobby, where they will SIGN OUT their dancer.

California Theatre Rules:

  • Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the California Theatre. If you bring food or drink items you will be asked to discard them.
  • Photography and video recording are allowed during dress rehearsal ONLY. No photography or video recording is allowed during shows. A professional videographer will record each show and DVDs will be available for purchase.

Winter Showcase

At our December Winter Showcase, parents get an opportunity to enjoy a show and see the progress of their child. Costumes are simple and admission to this recital is free (there is a small charge per participant to cover our expenses for staffing and facility rental). Students get an opportunity to perform in front of an audience in a small venue.

Next Winter Showcase: December 15, 2018

Open to all current CSC Dance students. Our December Recital is more informal than our Summer Recital. There will not be a door charge, however to cover our costs we will charge $10 to each dancer’s account the second half of October. Family and friends are welcome!

Once again this year we are accepting donations at our shows to benefit…


SHOW TIMES tba for 2018