Welcome to CSC!

Our mission is providing the opportunity to become the best you can be. We believe teaching gymnastics, swimming, and dance in fun, progressive, and safe learning environments will result in happier, healthier kids & adults.

We teach:

  • Preschool Gymnastics
  • Recreational Gymnastics
  • Competitive Gymnastics
  • Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Dance
  • Swim Lessons
  • Water Polo, Diving, and Water Fitness
  • Masters Swimming
  • Lifeguarding and Water Safety

We currently operate eight facilities across the South Bay Area. CSC Facilities are conveniently located in San Jose, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara, & Sunnyvale, California.

California Sports Center values our talented employees and recognizes them as the best youth sports instructors in the Bay Area – teaching gymnastics,swimming, dance, and more.

With over 150 employees, CSC boasts the largest and most diverse staff around. Instructors maintain First Aid & CPR certifications. CSC lifeguards and swim instructors are properly certified. Many staff members have degrees and professional certifications in their areas of expertise.

CSC facilitates on-going professional development though CSC University, the educational arm of CSC. CSC U. provides training & mentoring services for our staff and members. Classes are led by our top instructors and outside specialists in all areas of skill development.

Dave is an active leader in all aspects of CSC and prides himself on having gathered the finest staff to teach our students & athletes. He remains personally involved in most areas of the business, and particularly focuses on business operations so our managers, coordinators, and coaches can do their jobs providing excellent instruction and customer service. Under his leadership, CSC has grown from one location to seven facilities with plans for additional facilities in the future. Dave is married to his lovely wife Anne-Marie, who has been the true root of his success. They have three beautiful children and a dog named Ty (for Tyger).

Current Community Outreach and Activities include:

  • Rotary Club of San Jose. Member since 1991; elected to a three year term (2002-2005) of the Board of Directors.
  • National Task Force member for USA Gymnastics, selected in 2008 to participate in member services overview and improvements at the national level.
  • Professional Member of USA Gymnastics since 1980. Remains an active member of the national organization.
  • Active member Northern California Boy’s Gymnastics Association
  • Active member Northern California Women’s Gymnastics Association
  • Competition Director for the Annual West Point Open, West Point NY. Dave assists in the hosting one of the largest annual boys competitions along the east coast. Dave started the event with then new head coach, Doug VanEvern. Now Dr. VanEvern leads the three-day event with over 600 athletes in attendance and calls on Dave annually to oversee both the Jr. Olympic event and the collegiate event held in conjunction with the.
  • Past Chair, and current member of the Finance Council for St. Julie’s Catholic Parish
  • Current member of the District Advisory Council (DAC) for the Oak Grove School District in South San Jose. Representing Hayes Elementary School.

Past Activities and Community Outreach:

  • Former Executive Director, San Jose Medical Center Foundation. Assisted for one year (2001-2002) the development of a local organization designed to teach teens about philanthropy as it relates to youth health issues. Currently Secretary to the Advisor Board for this public benefit organization under the management of The Health Trust.
  • Faculty of San Jose State University. Member of the part-time faculty for three years (1998-2001) instructing gymnastic classes for Physical Education majors and elective participants.
  • Past Board member as Treasurer, of the Northern California Boys Gymnastics Association.
  • Past Board member as Zone Representative of the Northern California Women’s Gymnastic Association

You can email Dave at dave@calsportscenter.com

– Dave Peterson
– Anne Peterson

Director, Education & Marketing
– Christopher Brown

Human Resources:
– Christy Duzac

Corporate Office:
– Cathy Cook

– Sherri Ingraffia

Program Oversite:

Preschool Gymnastics
– Christopher Brown

Rec Gymnastics
– Leo Moran

Team Gymnastics
– Dave Peterson

– Amanda Ruiz

Swim Lessons
– Jen Brown

Morgan Hill
– Victoria Cetani

Great Oaks
– Jessica Dhillon

Race St
– Monica Padron

– Desiree Major

– Anne Castleton

Sunnyvale (swim)
– Ty Evans

Sunnyvale (gym)
– Michelle Pitts

Santa Clara
– Michelle Pitts

Annual-Member Benefits

Ideal for the student or athlete who plans to attend gymnastics and/or dance classes at least 6 months in a year. Membership is paid annually on your anniversary month. Enrollment/class dates follow the Attendance Calendar 2018 (pdf)

NOTE: This option is not available for our city programs.

  • Lower monthly tuition.
  • Free Open Explore / Rec Drop-in Gym during your active enrollment period.
  • Rec Gymnastics Gold Medal Day Graduations during active enrollment.
  • One make-up class per month.


  • Annual Member discounts for Birthday Parties.
  • Annual Member discounts on Camps and Clinics.
  • Annual Member discounts for some special events.
  • Option to arrange private lessons (rules apply).

Annual-Member Fees

(effective Sept 1, 2016)

Dance Only All ages $55
Pre-School Music & Music, ParentTots, TinyTots, TumbleTots $55
Individual Pre-Rec, Rec, Team Dev & Teams $75
Family/Group (Max $ per family/group up to 5) $185

CSC Annual Membership is available at these locations:

Monthly-Member (Non-Member) Benefits

For the student or athlete who may only wish to participate for 2-6 months per year due to other commitments. Enrollment/class dates follow the CSC Attendance Calendar. This option is not available for team or team development athletes.

NOTE: Monthly Members pay non-member fees for birthday parties, camps, clinics, and special events.

  • No annual fee. Monthly member tuition is simply an additional $10 more per month, per student.
  • Free Open Explore / Rec Drop-in Gym during your active enrollment period.
  • Rec Gymnastics Gold Medal Day Graduations during active enrollment.
  • One make-up class per month.

City Programs – Gymnastics

CSC operates the gymnastics programs for both the City of Santa Clara and the City of Sunnyvale. Students in city programs where we are the contracted operator pay tuition based on residence or non-residence at the time of registration. Classes are session based, and registration is handled by the local City Parks and Recreation Department.

Aquatics Programs

CSC operates public pools in partnerships with local cities. Participants are not considered CSC members, but rather residents or non-residents as defined by separate contracts with the City. Registration for aquatics classes are done through California Sports Center. Click here for more information or contact any of our pools for more information.

Membership notes:

  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to other persons.
  • Registration is valid for a twelve-month period beginning the month of your initial registration.
  • Re-registration is required each year (you’ll update your forms during re-registration).
  • Additional fees apply for competitive teams.
  • Groups must pay for class with one check for an agreed minimum number of participants.
  • A 30-day notice is required for drops and extended absenses for Annual & Monthly Members.


Using our Parent Portal you can check your account balance, see fees already paid, and make payments!

To proceed to your account, click the appropriate “Parent Portal” button below…

Gymnastics/Dance: Morgan Hill, Great Oaks, Malone, Race St, & Cambrianna

Aquatics: Sunnyvale Swim Complex

Parent Portal HOW TO:

Before a parent can log in to their account, he/she must provide CSC an e-mail address, which is entered into JackRabbit Class, our web-based class management software.

  1. To enter your account, click on the ‘Parent Portal’ icon above.
  2. Enter your password. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to click on “I Don’t Know My Password” and click the “Sign In” button. Read the directions on the next screen and provide an e-mail address you would like the password sent to. Once you have received the password, re-enter the Parent Portal and type your password.
  3. You will be entered into your account, and can check your account balance, fees already paid, and make payments through the portal.

NOTE: Payment via the Portal is NOT the same as Auto-Pay. Auto Pay requires advanced sign-up at the front desk. For Auto-Pay, we securely store your credit card number in JackRabbit Class and automatically pull money from that card’s account on the last business day each month.

If you ever need help with your account or logging in to the Parent Portal, please contact the Office Coordinator at your facility.